Saturday, March 1, 2008

So much little detail.

Boy I tell you all that now I see Gabby in a different light. Each time I look at her now I am studying the lines the dents and curves of her every feature. I now see so much more then I did before. It is unbelievable the amount of contours on her ears alone. Not to mention her little Nose. The nose has so many little bumps and lumps that I had not noticed before. lol It is still fun and today I put in a good 4 hours sculpting her head. Just making sure I was going in the right direction and checking the photos and then comparing the sculpt. there is still so much to do but slowly it will get done. i am having second thoughts about doing the whole body, simply cause I found out that the mold would be very expensive to make. So for now I will be content to do the head alone and see where we go from there. I have also added a photo of the tools I am using at the moment. I use all of them at one point or another. the best ones are the small ones with the wire loop cause they can give lots of detail or take away lots of material with one scoop.  Great tools of the trade. They work for me right now so I go with it. 
Erick C


evjohnson said...

Looking Good!


At a boy!! Now you are a full-100% sculptor!!
Sorry I couldn't drop by man.
The sculpt is looking fantastic! I'm also glad to see you are discovering new shapes! That means you are now truly looking and analyzing everything in front of you.
Keep going!