Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Viva Les Frenchies

I have been Published again.

I am excited and love the article.
I hope everyone has a chance to see the new beautiful magazine. It is classy and colorful.
You got to see their site and if you like you can get a magazine.
Lots of great articles and lots of show pics.
Lots of frenchies to go Googoo Gagga over too. lol
See thier link in my links section.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I have found my art groove.

I have started two more art projects. One is a Frenchie who is too cute but I cannot mention his/her name till I finish the portrait cause it is a surprise for a client.  The second is a new painting. I am texturing the background right now and just exploring different lines and hatches and so on. There is nothing to see yet cause it is in white Gesso. When I add colour I will take a few pics to show what I have done so far. But this one is for my shows. This is a Toy Rat Terrier, looks like a Chihuahua, very cute and cool looking little tike. lol

Look for it as the weeks go by.
Erick C

Pudge Completed and Officially Tagged

I have finished The Pudge Portraiture painting and I must say it turned out awesome. 
I took Pudge to the pooch Party show and got tones of compliments and requests for 
future portraits. He was a show stopper and head turner, lol  But seriously everyone
loved it and I was delighted with the reaction from everyone. I finalized it by adding 
a shadow behind and below him as to show directional light and to give the character some truth of being there in the location. Meaning the background. 
I also placed my Gold, Signed  Stamp of Authenticity.
So you know it was done by me.
Hope everyone enjoyed the process and I have a few more orders to complete real soon so be looking out for more of my documentary style works.
Erick Cervantes