Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Love it.

Yes so today I was showing all my peers the photos I took of my work.  Everyone was loving the detail and the size of the sculpt.  I am jonesing to do another one now. Maybe another breed. But this is awsome. I still have to do a rubber mold and then cast them when ready. I hope to have a sample soon. It does take time as I work full time and then when ever I have a couple of hours I do what I love doing. Art.  
I still need to figure out how I am going to attach the sculpt to a base. I am thinking of using marble blocks for the base or wood.... Still thinking about it. But i am so happy with the results.
I hope everyone likes the work. It took me in total approximately 24 hours to do. 
There is still minor things to do to it but will be done soon.
Erick C


debbie said...

Amazing, you have lots of talent and patience for sure....these are beautiful sculptures!
By the way love the music playlist you have on your site!

debbie or mysparetimedesign.etsy.com

Fonda said...

You are amazing. But please do more Frenchies!!! We need excellent Frenchie artists and you are one of them.

Fonda & the gang

Alexis said...

Fabulous , i actually have a red fawn frenchie and i was crying when i read about yours, good luck with everything . Its looks amazing!!!!!

藍正龍Blue said...

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