Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Progress on the sculpt

So just to update everyone on the Frenchie Bust, I had made the rubber mold on it and then I had covered that with the hard shell material and I missed a few steps in between which caused the shell to stick too much and the rubber to be damaged, also the sculpt broke in a few places and I did some repair work on her and she is good as new now. But now I have learned my lesson and will not skip any parts to the mold making or casting of the sculpture. I have to re do the rubber coating now and then the hard shell exterior again. This time the right way. So bear with me as I learn the proper way to do things, this being my first time doing something of this scale. 
Life is a learning process and what is the best way to learn, ............ by making mistakes. 

Sunday, May 11, 2008

French Bulldog Lawn Plaques

I have made a few of these now and they always look so cute. they are a great way to express your love of the bullies.  Set them up on your lawn or mount them on your wall or fence. Up to you.
I make them to resemble your Frenchies colours out of plywood and hand paint them. Cartoonish looking just to give them a cute look. You can add the bone in the middle with your house number or what ever you would like to put there. They don't have to be in this position either.  
I can make them to suit your wants.
Erick C

Frenchie Lawn Plaques

Saturday, May 3, 2008

At the end of every tunnel...........

This is my latest  pc to finish. It has taken me 2 years to complete.  It is my version of the saying,
"At the end of every tunnel, there is a light of Hope".   (the Frenchie) 
It is an abstract style rendition from my mind. 

This one is up for sale.
 It is 20 x 24 inches in size and painted in Acrylics on stretched Canvas. 
Going price is set at $300.00 Canadian Plus S/H

If you are interested in this pc. Please contact me  with your info.
Erick C