Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gabby 1:1 scale Sculpture

Just wanted to share this launching of the Itty Bitty Bullies companion Blog site " I LOVE FRENCH BULLDOGS". Here you will get to see the latest creations by the Cervantes brothers, behind the scenes artwork, and sculpture. This first 1:1 scale prototype is of Gabby my sweet butterball!
Thank you and enjoy!
Erick Cervantes


What you see below is the start of Gabby being done in Chavant NSP Medium. The clay holds great detail and is easy to use. Once warmed up it goes down like butter. Chavant does not dry with air and stays workable for long periods of time. It can be worked with wooden tools but preferably with steel ones cause it is sticky! The fact that it goes down quick makes you see results right away.