Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunny Sunsun Cervantes

This beautiful little Red Frenchie is Gabby's Daughter. She came to us last year during Easter weekend. She was a ball of fire right from the start. She was ready to take over the pack and she ruled with  a strong iron fist ( Paw ) lol  Well this little girl was a such a tiny little cuddle bug. We loved the way her ears smelled like nachos, just like our first dog Bailey. Sunny was a great little Frenchie and she was very cute and loved to sleep at my neck and she was such a great listener and a fantastic walker. Sunny was only 5 years old when we first got her and she brought lots of joy in our lives as well as lots of crazy excitement. She turned this household upside down. lol
We were ready to send her packing during the first week of having here  cause of all the fighting she was doing but most of it was our fault due to not knowing the process of Pack mentality. Well we were schooled quickly by her and learned to deal with all the changes in our world.  It was all worth it. Sunny has so many beautiful qualities to her. She was a show dog and very eloquent and quiet. She loved to go walkies with me and she always looked so proud walking with me. Her head held high and her relaxed ways made her so beautiful...... To be continued.
Erick C

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