Monday, February 25, 2008

More sculpting going on here.

So I have continued the head and I am still bulking it out, I may need to shave some off till I get the right shape going.  This is a slow process but I like what I am seeing. Slowly it is coming together and looking like it should. I added some bulk on the top of the neck cause Gabby has lots of fatty or muscular  wrinkles there I have also added both ears now and detailing them to see where I can go with it next, I have also added both eyes and worked on the eyebrows. There is so much more left to do but I am having a great time doing it. I am using many tools for this sculpt. I have tiny tools and I have large tools. I will be displaying my aray of tools on the next update so you all can see what I am using.  So if you like what is happening so far, leave me a comment, maybe you are a great sculptor and can give me some advice as well. 
Erick C

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Process Continues

Feb 24th 2008. 
Sorry I have been occupied,  but I have gotten back to the sculpt and the updates will be up next. 
I took over for my brother on the Gabby head because he has a huge job to do regarding sculpting, so he got real busy fast.

 I added more of the Chavant clay to the head in order to bulk it out a bit more. So I heated up the clay in a small toaster oven and shaped it onto the head my brother had started for me. i have a page with Gabby's image on it in several positions in order to get as much likeness as I can. this project will take some time to finish but i am hoping to put in approximately 2 hours each night from now on to get some good results. So I am hoping you will enjoy the progress and leave me comments of encouragement. I will just be filling her out and then detailing as I go along. 
Hope you all enjoy.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Building up Body with Foam

Erick adding more Chavant to cover blue foam.
This image shows the Chavant being applied to body. Building up a mass in foam saves time and clay. It is also a lot lighter!
This shows Blue Foam having been shaved and rounded with a large utility knife. We are also putting it up against head to make sure we have correct proportions.
This are all the pieces together to form Gabby's body mass.

This image shows Erick gluing Blue Foam to stick together to build up body shape.