Monday, February 25, 2008

More sculpting going on here.

So I have continued the head and I am still bulking it out, I may need to shave some off till I get the right shape going.  This is a slow process but I like what I am seeing. Slowly it is coming together and looking like it should. I added some bulk on the top of the neck cause Gabby has lots of fatty or muscular  wrinkles there I have also added both ears now and detailing them to see where I can go with it next, I have also added both eyes and worked on the eyebrows. There is so much more left to do but I am having a great time doing it. I am using many tools for this sculpt. I have tiny tools and I have large tools. I will be displaying my aray of tools on the next update so you all can see what I am using.  So if you like what is happening so far, leave me a comment, maybe you are a great sculptor and can give me some advice as well. 
Erick C



Wow it really looks like Gabby Erick!! Good work and keep going!

giz said...

I love what you're doing. Have always wanted to explore this medium but honestly, have never touched it. My medium is beads. Is there room for an absolute beginner?