Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Pudge Portrait

Ok so here I am during the process of the painting.
Mr. Pudge is being Immortalized on Canvas.
I am working on the eyes, even though I thought I was done with the left eye I will be working on that one again cause they both have to look uniform. Trust me the eyes take a very long time to do, due to detail has to be just right this is no Yoke, lol trust me. lol heheheeh 
I must be feeling better now. lol ..........the bad jokes are coming out, lol 
You see to have a beautiful portrait worth bragging about, you need to be a bit of a perfectionist, I am not talking about a pickass, or a tightass perfectionist, I am talking about a cool, relaxed, chilled out kind of perfectionist, some one who lets the brush lead the hand and then the eyes follow. See what I mean. I still let the brush just flow baby, just let it flow. 
I do get great results too, so who could complain. 

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hey is that a lowrider supreme tee??