Saturday, September 6, 2008

The continuation of Pudge

So here now you see that I have updated the one side of the face. Pudge is slowly becoming an immortal, lol 
Believe me it  takes hours and  layers and layers of different colours to get the effect you are looking for. Just his one side alone has an array of colour such as reds,  grays,  blues, yellows, shades of white related to the colours stated above and then some black to punch up the dark areas. 
The eyes are what takes the most time to do. Cause the image can look great but if the eyes are off, the whole things looks wrong.  So as you can see how nice he is looking. But like I said before, just let the brush flow and don't worry too much about the details till you have the base colours down. 
Hope you all like the progress so far.


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Anonymous said...

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