Monday, August 31, 2009

Teaching was....

Teaching was for me a wonderful experience.  I enjoyed it very much and I can only say, that the children and the adults that sat at my tables to take the challenge to sculpt their very own pets, were all very surprised on how neat and interesting of an experience they  had.  The smiles on everyones face was the best part of it all.   It was interesting cause before the eyes went on the sculpts they were like... well it looks  good, then the eyes were added and all of a sudden,  that was when the students would get a huge smile on their face. The eyes is what would bring the little sculptures to life. It never failed, each and every time the eyes were made the students would then understand what they had created. Very cool to see that. 
So I was glad Paws Way decided to entertain my idea to have me teach a couple of Sculpting classes on their facilities. I feel it was a great success and they too were thrilled on the response they got from the patrons that they spoke with.  So good times all around.
Erick Cervantes

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