Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finished and Mounted

Finished and Mounted on a black base. Finished off with my Gold Tag of Authenticity.
People if your eyes could only see the real thing. i am in disbelief on how good it turned out. 
I am so damn proud of this one. My skills keep getting better and better and I feel like I am on cloud nine because of it.  This project has been one of my best thus far. I keep saying that but it is true. Every time I do something new it is just better then the last. So I hope you enjoy this pc. It has taken me approximately 9 hours of hands on work to complete. Tedious detail that has not eluded my carving tools. The right look of beauty and character Big Ben possess.  I try to bring out the special character that each one of the dogs has when  I sculpt them.  
If you so chose to have me sculpt one of your dogs, I guaranty you will not be disappointed. 
Erick Cervantes

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