Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Process Continues

Feb 24th 2008. 
Sorry I have been occupied,  but I have gotten back to the sculpt and the updates will be up next. 
I took over for my brother on the Gabby head because he has a huge job to do regarding sculpting, so he got real busy fast.

 I added more of the Chavant clay to the head in order to bulk it out a bit more. So I heated up the clay in a small toaster oven and shaped it onto the head my brother had started for me. i have a page with Gabby's image on it in several positions in order to get as much likeness as I can. this project will take some time to finish but i am hoping to put in approximately 2 hours each night from now on to get some good results. So I am hoping you will enjoy the progress and leave me comments of encouragement. I will just be filling her out and then detailing as I go along. 
Hope you all enjoy.

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Lools great Erick!
Keep going man!