Thursday, February 5, 2009

Play Stance Frenchie Miniature Sculpt

So this is the latest sculpt done and baked to be ready for Molding and Casting.
Then painting. Hope you all like the little starfish paws  and wrinkles on his face.
He is ready to play and excited to get you going. His tongue is sticking out cause he was
already playing like crazy. Catch me if you can. Catch me if you can.  lol  
Copies will be ready soon,  so get your order in and keep your collection of IBB 
miniature sculpts going. This little guy is sized at 1.75 inches tall X 3.5 inches long X 3 inches wide at the toes.
Priced at $35.00 each. To be painted Bronze. 
If you would like him painted to match your frenchies colours please inquire.

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