Thursday, December 25, 2008

Precious Belle.

This is a portrait of a wonderful Frenchie named Belle. 
Belle is the companion of Mia which is the other portrait I had done a few months ago. 
Well to say the least the owners are thrilled with the portrait and so am I. 
It has turned out amazing. 
I sometimes regret doing them cause I don't want to let them go. lol they are my babies too. lol 
But seriously I hope you like what you see.

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Anonymous said...

Erick,as the one who was on the receiving end of this very precious gift. You have captured her heart and soul. Her eyes show what i see every day when she looks up at me. Her fur is so real looking that others have wanted to touch it to see if it's furry. You have done such an amazing job that only could be done by someone like yourself who looks into the heart and sould of these little dogs. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Alicia said...

Hi Erick:

Thank you for doing such a lovely portrait of Belle and capturing her
beauty,spirit and cuteness so well.

Deborah and I both loved it more than words can express. All we could do was say "WOW!" and admire
it's beauty. We were both moved to tears of joy when we saw it.

Belle is very special to Deb and she will treasure your portrait of
her forever.


Anonymous said...

Although I've yet to meet Belle in person, I've had the pleasure of getting to know her through her mom. Given she's described as a beautiful, sensitive soul who loves life, it seems to me you've truly captured the essence of Belle's loving spirit through your gorgeous portrait Erick. It's amazing! Thank you for sharing. Donna.