Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Rubber Coating

So now that the Bust is complete I started applying the rubber moulding compound. This is a very good detail capturing rubber that will give me a great result in the end. I need to put like 4 layers of the rubber coating and between each of the layers it has to dry approximately 1 hour.  At the back I need to build a wall about one inch deep and one inch wide all the way down the back. This wall is where I will be slicing the sculpt in order to get the Bust out of it. But before I pull out the Bust, I need to build a hard shell cover for the support around the rubber so that it maintains its shape without distortion.   This will take place after I have the 4 layers of rubber. tonight I was only able to put 2 layers of Rubber, by the weekend I will be doing the other two layers and then making the hard shell. Ill keep you all posted. But for now you can see the images of the work.
Erick C


Alana said...

Looks great, Erick! You really nailed that Frenchie stare! :)

Jane said...

Eric, you are genius!



Theresa & Beefcake said...



I have seen the entries on the meetup site but didn't have the time to really poke around this site.

Now that I have had some time to look I say again - WOW! Just awesome work!